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New Job Alert New Government Jobs 2022 in National Language Promotion Department

Alert Pakistan Government Announced new Job Vacancies For The Department of NLPD

Under Article 251 of the Constitution of Pakistan of 1973, the Institute for the Promotion of National Language (Language Muqtadur Qawmi) was established on 4 October 1979 with the aim of removing barriers to the adoption of the national language ‘Urdu’ as an official language. . and promote its use. Advise the government on the implementation of the Urdu language and encourage cooperation and synergy between various academic, research and educational institutions.

The National Language Promotion Department (NLPD) has announced new government jobs for all residents across Pakistan (all provinces). Pakistani Nationals are encouraged to apply for the newly announced vacancies. Here, you can view the Job Spotlight with featured information:

Department of National Language Promotion

Governmental Job

Elementary, Intermediate, Bachelor’s degree

All over Pakistan (all Pakistani residents are eligible to apply)

December 19, 2022

Hi Friends if you are interested to apply in this job so please visit my website

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