5 Traits of Unhappy People

Unhappy people share 5 traits. They have similar self-sabotaging habits that negatively affect their happiness. But the key is recognizing these habits.


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Can Humans Fall Head Over Heels for AI?

With each passing day, we are using artificial intelligence for a variety of purposes and jobs. It has penetrated almost every industry and is helping them become innovative, develop authentic tools and build strategies towards a sustainable future. Researchers are eagerly exploring new use cases of artificial intelligence that have the power to radically transform societies around us. But as we develop intelligence artificially, will be there a room for this AI to rewire us as humans?

Artificial intelligence has come a long way since its inception. We are at the brink of a massive change where world leaders are constantly discussing whether AI will take over the world and start controlling us. Even though it might not seem possible at the moment, there are plenty of theories that suggest the deadly impact of AI in the future. And who knows, the coming generation might have AI take the leadership role. Be it for the better or worse, artificial intelligence is all set to alter a human’s capacity for friendship, leadership, altruism and ultimately love.

A majority of us have grown watching science fiction. There’s one thing that we’ve learnt from all of them- fear AI. The staple of sci-fi movies for a long time has been how artificially intelligent robots will transform our lives. Go back to some of the classic AI depictions in movies. Be it Star Wars’ C3PO and R2D2 who work with the rebel alliance to thwart the empire or HAL 9000 and Ex-Machina who try to plot the murder of their master creators.

All these imaginaries were focused on how artificial intelligence can directly impact human beings from physical interaction. But, none of these narrates a story about the social effects or implications of AI. In other words, the way humans would interact with one other will be shaped by AI as we move into the future.

When the interaction between humans and artificial intelligence was still a distant prospect in the 1940s, Isaac Asimov came up with his three popular laws of robotics. These were to keep the emerging AI or robots from causing any harm to the human. Isaac’s very first law pointed out that robots would indeed affect humans via direct interaction, for good and evil.

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