Five Tips for Managing Multiple Projects At Once

For project managers it would be nice if everything was always perfect: in other words, getting to focus on a single, well-organized and strongly supported project with a proactive and enthusiastic…


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5 Traits of Unhappy People

Recognizing the self-sabotaging habits that harm your happiness.

Happiness is often depicted as a fleeting, elusive feeling.

This isn’t to say that following these tips can cure depression. But time to time, I find myself engaging in unhealthy habits or thinking that does little but contribute to my unhappiness.

I’ve found by recognizing these unhealthy traits that result in toxic behavior — and eventually my unhappiness — I can address them.

Here are seven traits of unhappy people to look out for.

Not every situation in your life is under your control — namely the thoughts, actions, and beliefs of others.

This is okay, but only up to a certain point.

It’s not that happy people don’t want or seek control, but they also embrace and appreciate uncertainty. They understand the situations that are within their control and those that are out of their hands.

Maybe you can’t get a sense of satisfaction from controlling every situation or every feeling you have, but you can…

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