Can Humans Fall Head Over Heels for AI?

With each passing day, we are using artificial intelligence for a variety of purposes and jobs. It has penetrated almost every industry and is helping them become innovative, develop authentic tools…


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What does GME tell us about the Global Anger?


What is GME’s business really about?

What company is GME about? See the perfect explanation in the below:

In fact, no one cares about what GME company’s business is about. The game is that, there will be a short squeeze, and therefore GME will go to the Moon! And any volatility is the short sellers manipulating the market just trying to save their ass. You are either at the correct side of the history by standing with the people and help moon the stock price of GME, or at the wrong side of the history by helping the greedy wall street crocodiles to take Therefore, Strong Hold! Don’t Sell! Buy the Dip!

I am the Movement!!!!

The Back Story behind a Short Squeeze

Therefore, it is a day where the ordinary people now take revenge and take on wall street. And unfortunately Melvin Capital becomes the representative of Wall Street (To do fairness, the institution per se was established in 2014. Though it is probably true that the people behind are the same people.)

To some people, GME means that there finally comes a day where the poor takes from the rich, a day where David stands for chance to defeat Goliath.

In one point, the trading app Robinhood ceases ability of the user to purchase more call options and stocks for GME. Many experts from the media comes out and “warns” of the risk associated with GME. Some go further to suggest that GME shows the “systematic faults” or “manipulation” in the financial system.

These simply further enrages the Reddit user. You call that “manipulation"? How about the 2008 financial crisis? So now it is a manipulation when bunch of internet users trying to buy a stock together, whereas it is a normal market behavior when the short sellers trying to take profit by selling borrowed stocks and hurting many ordinary people?

“Papa” Elon Musk concurs here

The Takeaway for Global Anger — Finance

My beloved Confucius has a famous saying: “Concerned not the Scarcity but the Even Distribution. Concerned not the Poverty but the Anxiety.”.

This is reflecting the psyche in our world. In our world, we are not concerned with scarcity. In places where you and me are living, we are not concerned with not having food to eat or clothes to wear. Instead, tons of food are rotten in supermarkets and millions of clothes are thrown away by the fast-fashion company. Are we poor? Not at all. Think about the real poor people in the Third World. But the truth is that we are living in a world where the wealth are in the hand of the 1%, and we are living in a world that feeds us with Anxiety. “DISRUPTION”, “SUCCESS” are everywhere.

This GME is a pressure boiler which contains the anger of the people in this MODERN CAPITALISM. Are you saying WE the people should follow the opinion of YOU experts? Are you trying to “protect” us in not allowing us to trade GME? Then WE will show YOU that our irrationality! Strong Hold! Don’t Sell! Buy the Dip! Our irrationality can certainly lasts longer than you remain solvent! Thus, some people say what they care is to inflict damages on Wall Street.

Robinhood suspends trades on GME

Our current capitalism is hurting people. People cannot see their ladder to a proper decent life. If I work hard, my jobs will disappear in 10 years because of whatever disruption brought by those AI, Blockchain, 5G, Big Data, BioTech or other spells. If I work hard, I will not be able to buy a house because the price is out of reach. It’s like the ancient Greek paradox of the Tortoise and Achilles. When Achilles want to reach for the Tortoise, he must first reach half the distance in between them. But to reach half of the distance, he must reach another half. Therefore, Achilles can never reach the Tortoise. Achilles are the millennials and the Tortoise is their whatever goals, a house, a decent paying job or whatever. What is seen is that the Tortoise can be teleported from one place to another place by the system, while Achilles are chained up with their burdens, student loans, taxes, the deteriorating environment…

So what is the game plan if you want to catch the Tortoise? If the Tortoise got teleported by the system, I will ride on the Aladdin’s magic carpet! How about Cryto-currency? How about high-frequency trading on some AI with high leverage? How about peer-to-peer borrowings? Whatever the magic carpet! And this time GME is the magic carpet, come on! To the MOON!

Everyone sees the rigged game but could not tell how the game is rigged exactly. Therefore, people form different views. Everyone says there is a thief in this house. Some see it stolen from immigrants. Some see it stolen from Wall Street. Some see the deep state whereas Wall Street colludes with the Government and rip people off. Some see whatever Illuminati clubs or whatever Mickey Mouse clubs are trying to control our world’s wealth.

Thus, one thing must be said about the “Fake News”. The experts are saying that “Fake News” is polarizing the society. Wrong! There is no fake news, just that people choose what they want to believe. There is demand to know why my job disappears. Here is the answer, Immigrants! Deep State! Wall Street! There is no cure unless there is the society becomes a fair and just society. Of course, these big disrupting technologies are playing their parts to build an echo chambers (the leading example of disruption). If I am the only believer, I must be mad. But if all the people surround me are the believers, there must be some truth in it. This is the same reason why we treat the money as money because you also a believer. Same as “fake news”. If both you and me believe that the Earth is flat, it is flat. Does it matter whether the Earth is flat or round or in some banana shapes? It matters if you are an astronaut but not me.

World of Anger

Therefore, I said we are now living in an increasingly angry world. This was a brief article I wrote about how to treat anger. I will write more on this matter. But perhaps, while we are angry, Strong Hold in the belief for the good nature of humanity. Certainly inequity is what we have to deal with, but this does not deny also the good side of humanity. Don’t Sell your faith! Buy the Dip by spreading more good energy arounds your friends when their moods are low because of the turbulent environment. When the time is apt, the Short Squeeze will happen!

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